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We work with you to make tech work for you

Technology and online productivity tools are essential to running your business.
It can be time daunting, costly, or time-consuming to manage them.

Problems we solve

We like to solve problems to make people’s lives better.

It may be easy to spot the issue but harder to find a solution. Or, at times, even the trouble is hard to pinpoint. You can lean on our expertise to help you navigate a wide variety of technical issues.

Below are examples of problems we’ve tackled for our clients

Not having the right tool

We help you find the technology that truly meets your needs, preventing the creation of unnecessary processes to accommodate the wrong tools.

Tools that don't work well

You may have the right tools but sometimes you need a little extra support to configure or set them up so they perform optimally for you.

Having the wrong license

Most online software is now sold as a subscription. We help you navigate the complexity of determining which licensing level is best for you.

Insufficient automation

Automating repetitive manual tasks can be a real time saver. We pinpoint which automations are most beneficial and will streamline your process.

Lack of integration

It's now possible to have many different technologies hand off information to one another. We leverage APIs to make that happen for you.

Poor webpage optimization

Your website may look great but if it takes a long time for your pages to load, you're likely to lose users and get penalized in search engine rankings.

Someone who listens to you

We take the time to uncover how and why technology is creating friction for people in your organization.  It may sound simple but it’s the key to making tech work for YOU.

A deep understanding of your tools

A couple of decades working in software engineering means we know our way around most tools you rely on: email, bookkeeping, CRM, website platforms and more.

A little guidance, or a lot

Want a full-service approach so you can focus on your other business needs? Or maybe you’d rather we coach, guide, and train you? Either way, we’ve got you covered. We customize our engagement to meet your goals.

Finding your path forward

Schedule a FREE 30-min consultation today.

We’ll get to know each other and determine how we can best help you.


Outsourced CTO & Technology Mentoring

Someone you can rely on every step of the way — from diagnosis to solution implementation. We’re highly adept at communicating progress, guiding you at your comfort level, and becoming a trusted part of your team.

Productivity Tools Assessment

Leverage your strengths, correct your weaknesses. We take a deep dive into your technology universe and productivity tools before formulating tangible recommendations and mapping out a clear and customized action plan.

WordPress Development

Keep that website humming.  From backups and configuration to custom code and integrations, we offer full service software development that will help you take your site to the next level.

AWS Cost Optimization

Use only what you need, pay only for what you use. We’ll scrutinize your AWS bill and make sure it translates to resources that are truly valuable to your organization. We’ll help you reduce operating cost if the opportunity is there.

About Web Workbench

Web Workbench was founded by Eric Heilig out of a strong desire to make helping people central to his work, day in and day out. We couldn’t have put it better than in the words of our customers:

"Everyone needs an Eric in their corner"