About Web Workbench

We work with you to make tech work for you.

By putting people first, Web Workbench empowers you to take control of your tech stack.

For us, there’s nothing like seeing your face when you’re feeling confident about your technology decisions.

We think technology is amazing provided it makes your life easier and your business better.

That’s why we build solutions that make tech work for you.


We work with clients whose business and tech we can improve. This gives an opportunity to do what we love. That's what we can a win-win.


You get one-on-one attention while we troubleshoot your issues. We even screenshare if that makes sense. Together, we co-create the solution that's right for you.


We continue to earn your trust every step of the way. You're allowing us to shape a critical part of your business and we take that very seriously.

Peace of Mind

Technology choices can be complex and stressful. We make sure you get a full picture of the risks, rewards and reach of each option so you can decide with confidence.

Get time back

Leverage our experience and expertise so you don't have to spend so much effort on research. Instead, you get to invest your time into growing your business.


Never any high pressure sales tactics or restrictive contracts. Instead of pushing services you don't need, we provide you with the best advise we know how.

Eric Heilig, Your Personal CTO

20 years of software and product experience
only surpassed by my desire to make people's lives better.
Eric Heilig Photo Owner Web Workbench LLC

I am a passionate technology mentor with 20 years of industry experience as a Software Engineer, Product Owner, and Agile Coach.

People know me for:

  • my attention to detail,
  • my ability to identify inefficiencies,
  • my creative and effective solutions,
  • and my skill at guiding their implementation.

Simply put, I started this business because I wanted to help people and have a meaningful impact.

I may know my way around a corporate billing systems and complex enterprise software but it’s knowing I made someone’s day better that really drives me.

Who needs to hear “great job generating my bill” when instead you can get a “you made that seem easy”?

"Everybody needs an Eric in their corner"

When groups of like-minded individuals band together to create a new business venture, they often do not possess the skills or capacity to build information technology infrastructure that is sustainable over time. In a world of ever-evolving software and hardware technology, there is no shortage of options that exist to meet your business needs.

“Having an expert like Eric work alongside my company has been a huge weight lifted off our shoulders so we can focus on what we do best.”

Allision Tapia, Director of Strategic Operations, ACJI