AWS Cost

Overcome the overwhelm of Amazon Web Services

We guide you through the details of your Amazon Web Services so you can deeply understand what's available to you, what you're using, and how to maximize the value you pay for.

Why you might want to audit your AWS bill:

We perform the following activities:

Our AWS Cost Optimizations engagements are typically billed hourly as the complexity of your AWS services will dictate how much time is necessary to fully assess your setup. Schedule your Cost Optimization session now.

Based on your needs and priorities, we can also provide you with project-based engagements such as a Productivity Software Assessment, WordPress Development or the broader ongoing retainer services of a Fractional CTO.

Clients we've helped, problems we've solved

Amazon Webservice Audits

Our client approached us about reducing their AWS bill from $300-350 a month. Eric reviewed all resources and why they were being used. He was rapidly able to identify approximately $90 in monthly savings.

We helped our client significantly reduce their bill as a result of the audit and believe that with some additional effort to restructure their data organization, server costs could be minimized as well.