Productivity Software

Assess your tech stack. Make it work harder for you

We analyze your back office and productivity software and make recommendations
on how to optimize your setup, configuration, and use of your tools.

How we work:

Some of the systems we assess:

This Assessment is typically carried out as a flat fee engagement. We charge $750 to review all of your productivity tools. Schedule your Assessment now.

After completion of the assessment, our team is available to help implement the recommendations formulated at this phase.  Additionally, based on your needs and priorities, we can provide you with project-based engagements such as WordPress Development, AWS Cost Optimization or the broader ongoing retainer services of a Fractional CTO.

Clients we've helped, problems we've solved

Subscription Licensing

Our client was paying $350 a month for an online service.
After reviewing their needs for the service and the manner in which they were using it, Eric identified that $150 a month license would be a sufficient for their use.

After further exploration and discussion, the client decided they did not need that service at all.

At the end of the day, we helped our client save $350 a month and freed up some time as they no longer had to put effort into their use of the tool.

API Integration

Our client was looking to keep all their new contacts in one place for the purpose of sending out newsletters and other communications.

They knew that many software tools can now transfer information but didn’t understand the details of APIs and API keys.

They were excited for the support we could provide to put in place an API integration to allow multiple systems to communicate with each other.  For example, connecting their online store and newsletter signup to their CRM or email service so when a customer purchase occurred the relevant information is added to their contact and mailing lists.